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 Göte /ˌyœ-tə/  n. Swedish 1. channel for water

Akin to sitting on the banks of a working river, Göte is about beauty in function. Life can become complicated; we seek solace in the simple and in making moments of the unexpected. 

The Luxury of Living Simple

In a world of increasing excess, Göte is born from a vision of embracing simple luxuries. Pure, natural and without fuss, our curation of home and lifestyle products follows our ethos:

With roots in Sydney, London & Göteborg, our founders draw inspiration from the simplicity of Swedish design, the relaxed nature of the Australian lifestyle and the need for form and function in the hectic everyday of city life.

Our Product Range:

We lovingly hand produce a range of home, bath and body products; made from natural and organic ingredients that will care for your skin, relax your mind and indulge your senses.

More Products coming soon....

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