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Why Soy?

Göte is proud of the soy candles we make due to the clean burn and all-natural composition of soy wax. Like you, we want only natural, pure products in our home.

So here is a list of the reasons we love soy wax and want to make products we believe in, so you can enjoy using them in your home. 

  1. Soy is 100% natural and extracted from the soy bean which is a renewable resource. More commonly used paraffin is manufactured from non-renewable petroleum. This makes soy wax a sustainable and eco-friendly product.

  2. Soy candles have a longer burn time, so last longer making them a more economical choice for your home. At face value they may seem more expensive upfront, but when you look at the cost per hour of burn, they are much better value than faster burning paraffin.

  3. Because they are all-natural, soy candles are biodegradable and make little to no impact on the environment. The glass and lids we use can also be recycled or reused around the home to store items. Our candle lids are made from sustainable and renewable bamboo to again reduce environmental impact.

  4. Clean burn - soy wax produces almost 90% less soot than paraffin candles, meaning no black smokey residue on walls or furniture. *Just remember to keep your wick trimmed to 5mm.

  5. Safe to use around the home - soy wax has a lower melt point, meaning no nasty burns to you or those around you (yes, we're talking kids and animals!)

  6. Easy to clean - spilt some wax? No worries! Soy wax wipes away easily with warm, soapy water and wont leave any marks.

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