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Our Purpose

Pure and simple, Gote was born from a desire to simplify our life. Stress, clutter, pollution, alongside the increasingly overwhleming burden of the 9-5; we sought clarity and peace amongst carefully selected items, that would work hard to boost our energy. We sought a way of life.

At Gote, our purpose is to share - from our family to yours, we pull together lifestyle tips, brands and products we believe in, items we've created ourselves....and absolutely anything else we feel passionately about, that needs to be shared with the world. 

At Gote, our mission is to make buying ethical, simple - we source and partner with ethical brands and clearly label their cause so you are 100% certain of what you are buying into. We focus on products of higher quality, because we believe in investing in what has purpose and adds value to our lives. By doing so, we free our mind and the subconscious burden of consistently maintaining lots of 'stuff' - we gain clarity.

At Gote, our hope is that by making a few simple lifestyle changes, we create a ripple that leads to less wastage, better support of companies doing the right thing, and a an evolution of mindsets that 'less is more'.