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Written by Sarah Westwood


Posted on February 18 2017

No longer is design and decor about replicating the pretty pictures found in the latest edition of a magazine, or piecing together a mirror image of your fave celebrity’s pad. Injecting (your) life, experiences, memories and touch into your home and/or office décor is the most authentic way to add character and depth to any space.

Many years ago when I first moved out of home into a flat with my best friend in Sydney’s eastern suburbs, we were shaking with excitement over being able to decorate our own space.

With a limited budget, we trawled markets and op-shops looking for decent furniture and we were actually quite lucky with our finds; much of which I still own today.

The one part that has stuck with me over the years was our photo/frame wall that covered the largest wall in our living room. As amateur photographers, we each supplied 5 of our favourite travel photos and my flatmate (a graphic designer) turned them into black and white masterpieces.

frame wall

Whilst I couldn’t find a photo of our wall, this is a very similar example of what we did.

We went with a box shape that had uneven sized frames.We bought simple black frames from Ikea and our proudest moment was aligning them just as we wanted. It was a real statement and a beautiful personal touch to our eclectic living space.




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